26 Industries That Pay Nurses Over $90k Per Year

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In some cases, RNs will choose to become certified in specialty areas such as critical care, emergency department, or labor and delivery. This is usually an option after working in a specialty for a certain amount of hours, usually about Advance Your Nursing Career: Work As An Independent Nurse Contractor a year. Regardless of your chosen path, Cambridge is here to help you reach nursing career success. To learn more about our nursing programs or for help navigating the education process, reach out to our advisors by calling today.

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Predicted employment growth for ADN graduates in the next five years is quite a bit slower, but much more stable from one year to the next. Growth in any given year will range from 1.15% to 1.19% for a total of 6.03% and the addition of 57,840 new ADN-educated RNs to the workforce. Like in years past, this growth найти Advance Your Nursing Career: Work As An Independent Nurse Contractor в википедии will be driven by the growing population and increased access to affordable healthcare, both of which require the expertise of skilled registered nurses. Your nursing career depends on your personal choices and professional desires. Keep in mind that holding the BSN degree won’t be just an option for long.

Nursing Related Careers For Bsn Graduates With No License

Is ADN Nursing School Hard?

You’re headed for a great career, one that’s rewarding, challenging, and always exciting. But nursing school is notoriously difficult. Most nursing programs require high GPAs and impressive scores in math, chemistry, biology, psychology, and other demanding subjects. It’s also extremely fulfilling.


Proper research requirements such as informed consent, information sessions, and follow-ups are also sometimes conducted by nursing research scientists. As a nursing professional in the mental health field, you may find yourself working to diagnose and treat people that suffer from mental illness. The work environment can prove to be trying at time, with mental illness sometimes https://business-oppurtunities.com/advance-your-nursing-career-work-as-an-independent-nurse-contractor/ causing different behaviors in individuals depending on their diagnosis. The nursing field has grown increasingly important to psychiatric fields over the last decade, so this is a great place to consider for a lifelong career. Working as a family nurse practitioner allows professionals to have a regular set of patients that may be seen throughout their lifetime.

Nurse Educator

Associate Degree In Nursing

Pediatric nurses can work in ambulatory care centers, skilled nursing homes, private practices, and hospitals. If you are interested in becoming a surgical nurse practitioner, you should prepare yourself for a highly unpredictable work environment. You may be responsible for working in the trauma wing of busy hospitals, critical care units, or in general surgery. The atmosphere of each department differs greatly from the others and requires special attention to detail throughout. The primary concern of the surgical nurse practitioner is the preparation of patients for surgery and the immediate aftercare.

What is the least stressful nursing job?

If you definitely want to work in a hospital environment, one of the least stressful hospital nursing jobs is a Nurse Administrator. These nurses do not work directly with patients, all but removing that high-stress component associated with many nursing specialties.

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But this business may require experience and good startup capital. To get your own business started you will require a number of employees.

If you find yourself choosing one program over the other, you should consider your future and what will benefit you найти Advance Your Nursing Career: Work As An Independent Nurse Contractor в ютюбе in the long run. the ”BSN-in-10” legislation, which is nurses to have their BSN by 2020, or face job termination.

APRNs require a master’s degree and lead to more independent practice as either a nurse practitioner , certified registered nurse anesthetist , certified nurse midwife or clinical nursing specialist . CRNAs make the highest average salaries among all APRNs, averaging close to $160,000, according to the U.S. In fact, Magnet hospitals and those pursuing Magnet status must demonstrate that the majority of their nurses have BSN degrees or are on the educational path to earn this degree.

When working in this field, you may also be responsible for assisting surgeons, depending on their requests, during the actual surgical procedure. The job duties may vary greatly depending on the facility, which is why a wide range of skills in required in this field. Nursing research specialists work hands on with other research scientists during patient trials, pharmaceutical trials, and studies involving new methods or tools used in healthcare. Their insight into the proper care of patients provides an excellent resource throughout the process, which contributes to how well research applies to the general public. If you work in this field, you may also help with the organization and screening of trial participants, ensuring that their health is appropriate for what the trial requires.

Experienced nurses with recent experience in their specialties can earn excellent compensation as a travel nurse. Travelers work temporary https://business-oppurtunities.com/ contracts in their choice of locations around the country, and the majority of their expenses are covered by their travel nursing agency.

The work environment for professionals in this field is generally more relaxed, since most visits are well-family oriented or scheduled. With a focus on the issues facing their immediate community, Public Health Nurses enjoy one of the least stressful nursing jobs, since working with patients is only a small part of the job. They also focus on strategic ways to support the public, provide education, and overcome health-related problems in their communities. The RN to BSN is a bridge program that makes it easier and less expensive to obtain your baccalaureate education, and there are many benefits to doing so. The BSN salary is far higher, the job outlook is much better, and you will have access to numerous career options in leadership, management, research, and more.

If you work in this field, you may find yourself familiar with large families, providing care and support to them throughout their development. Most family NPs work in clinics or private offices, but they are not uncommonly found in hospitals or larger medical facilities.

  • Yet there’s no denying that the ADN degree is the easy option due to its shorter time to complete and less extensive and in-depth coursework requirements.
  • In fact, as many as 60 percent of registered nurses start out with an ADN degree, the journal Global Qualitative Nursing Research reported.
  • In an ADN degree program, you will take the same basic core nursing classes as a BSN student, including courses in microbiology, physiology, anatomy and chemistry.
  • Many nursing schools offer RN to BSN degree options to make it easier for busy, working registered nurses to attain their bachelor’s degree in nursing.

The majority of RNs are employed by the country’s 5,564 hospitals. However, changes in healthcare delivery in recent years have resulted in earlier patient discharges and a growing number of nursing jobs outside the hospital setting. For instance, more chronic illnesses are now handled in outpatient clinics. Nursing is a rewarding career that provides more than 3 million registered nurses in the United States with a variety of workplace choices and good salaries. Pediatric nurses need an Associate Degree in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing as well as a Certified Pediatric Nurse Certification.

The weddings may involve different traditions for which you and your team will have to create and manage the timeline. Once you have a few contracts on найти Advance Your Nursing Career: Work As An Independent Nurse Contractor в гугл поиске your portfolio, you will be able to get more and more wedding events to plan. You can add on to your clients list by publishing your portfolio online.

Daycare Centeris also called nursery, nursery school and is an institution that provides supervision and care of infants and young children during the daytime, so that their parents can hold jobs. If you love children, this is a great opportunity to start an in-home childcare business. The amount you can make varies on location but you could charge USD 30 a day which turns out to USD 600 a month each child. You should hire an on role nurse and also register yourself with a hospital in case of a mishap.